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Original title: Róndola


Original title: Róndola

Hereva di Tertius has always lived in a golden cage. She cannot wait to graduate in the Superior Academy for Impeccable Damsels, because that day, her parents, the King and the Queen, will introduce her to her future husband, and she will finally fulfill her destiny. At the same time, in the wheel of fortunes, a very inexperienced and quite callow paladin gets the more difficult Task of all: rescuing the heir princess from the lair of the dragon. Maybe, after all, the princess is in trouble and she doesn’t even know it.

In a world of unpredictable magic, packed with incognito witches, polymath dragons, polymorph ogres, raven books, little girls howling to the rondola moon, and nettle people, both of them will discover that paths not always obeys the maps, that when a cage opens its doors it’s the moment to dare for the unknown, and that, sometimes, the toad to kiss is no other than oneself.

A fable about identity, humorous, hairy and warty, somehow political and quite incorrect. A soft feminist fairy tale, a self-discovery journey told with irreverent elegance.

“Everything you always wanted to know about princesses, but were afraid to ask”, Laura Fernández (author of La chica zombie)

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Publishing date: | 608 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0395-4 | Imprint: Minotauro